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Three Times About Artificial Intelligence

The end of this year seems to be devoted to Artificial Intelligence. I’d like to share an on-line course, a conference, and a series of lectures that are all related to the thrilling subject of AI.

When I was about 14, I got totally drawn in by Artificial Intelligence. After reading some five books on AI I concluded I was going to need a lot more mathematics and computer science, and lost interest.

However, this year AI keeps reminding itself to me. First I was considering writing a program that would have to rely heavily on neural networks. Then I accidentally stumbled upon a book sale and got a great book on AI for next to nothing. And then all the following resources start appearing.

Who am I to ignore such repeated signs? :-)

  1. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. A Stanford University course freely taught on-line. Anybody can register!
    A bold experiment in distributed education, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” will be offered free and online to students worldwide from October 10th to December 18th 2011. The course will include feedback on progress and a statement of accomplishment. Taught by Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig, the curriculum draws from that used in Stanford’s introductory Artificial Intelligence course. The instructors will offer similar materials, assignments, and exams.
  2. Beyond AI – Interdisciplinary Aspects of Artificial Intelligence. A conference taking place in Pilsen this December.
    The aim of the “Beyond AI” conference is to establish a forum where professionals from various science disciplines (such as engineering, natural sciences, humanities, etc.) will offer their own views of the theory, philosophy and practice of the broad field of Artificial Intelligence. We would like to invite not only the submissions that will introduce the perspectives that individual branches of science take on AI, but also the contributions that take a step beyond the current paradigms and thus are often not well-received at the mainstream AI conferences.
  3. brmiversity: Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science. A series of lectures delivered by Petr Baudis from our Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University. Unfortunately, it seems they will be in Czech language only.
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