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Back in Australia

After touring around Europe and America my lucky stars finally led me to spend the end of this year back in my beloved Melbourne. It has been almost a month now since I breezed through a short comeback visit to Kuala Lumpur and landed back in Australia. I had a few reasons to return. The strongest one? The chance to participate in a terrific Sydney startup accelerator. Wishes do come true.

This year over 200 teams applied to the Sydney startup accelerator Startmate. 24 teams were invited to Sydney for interviews and eight of them got accepted for the five-month 2013 program. My project 7pm anywhere was one of the lucky 24…

The short trip from Melbourne to Sydney (my flights #18 and #19 this year) felt like a simple bus ride. Interviews with Startmate mentors were a bit more demanding. It was like a speed dating marathon – about 14 mentors went around the teams one by one in a rapid succession of 10 minute interviews. We got to deliver the same pitch over and over and explain the same things again and again, but none of the questions were unexpected. After four hours of this I had to take a walk, sit in Hyde Park and calm myself down by working on mathematical problems :-)

One week later, the good news came: we got in! Starting from January we’ll be spending three months in Sydney working our asses off to make 7pm anywhere fly. We get office space, access to mentors and $50k of investment. After three months the program moves to Silicon Valley for two more months. Hopefully by that time we’ll be able to raise money from American investors.

So, the future seems to be rife with excitement and hard work…

Rainbow & beach

…but for the moment I am enjoying the silence before the storm comes!

December 21, MMXII — Travel, Australia.