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Are You Making Your Dreams Come True? And Do You Even Know Them?

Many people don’t know what they want from life. And for those who do know, the journey isn’t always simple. If you have ever tried to plan your life, cross out items on To Do lists, force yourself to do “useful” but boring stuff and make decisions against your feelings, you are going to agree that this course of life is neither effective nor pleasant. But I came across a book that takes a radically different approach.

And that book caught my attention so much that I read it twice, started living by it and eventually translated it to Czech. Let me introduce How to Make Your Dreams Come True by Mark Forster, translated by Yours Truly.

Cover Jak si splnit sny

Of course, if you’re reading this in English, you will want to read the original book available on Mark’s website. Seriously, go and read that book. It’s only 140 pages that read themselves.

Translating this book was itself a big journey of sorts, not just across languages, but through my own heart as well. I’m going to share that experience some time soon. For now, let me just say that I think that besides planting a tree, raising a child etc. etc. everyone should translate a book at some point in their life :-)

February 10, MMXII — Books, Projects, Personal.