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How To Focus On Writing

If you’re like most people, you’ll get easily distracted when writing a longer piece of text. So many distractions are just a click away – e-mail, Twitter, news headlines, stock market charts, or even a nice desktop wallpaper. What if you could just get rid of all visual clutter and focus on nothing else but the text itself? Enter γαλήνη, my new distraction-free text editor.

γαλήνη is one of the simplest editors you’ve ever used. It can have only one file open and displays it full screen, taking you away from all the distractions of your desktop. There are no buttons or user interface. Just you and your text.

Γαλήνη, or Galene, was a personification of calm sea in the ancient Greek mythology. That’s how I like the blank sheet before me: calm, empty, waiting for words that will give it meaning.

Screenshot of γαλήνη. This is all that appears on my screen when I am writing this article in γαλήνη.

The editor supports syntax highlighting and has a few handy keyboard shortcuts. You’ll find more information and the code on github. Please tell me what you think of the editor. I’ll keep developing it and all suggestions are welcome!

February 27, MMXII — Programming, Projects, Python.