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Freedom, uncertainty and dreams

Dear You,
I spent the evening preparing my presentation for young high school students. It is a distillation of lessons I have learned and exciting things I have done in the past six years. The title is “Freedom, uncertainty and dreams.”

Maybe it is the wine and loud energetic trance. Maybe it is the nostalgia of going through old photos and memories. But I suddenly feel such strong love for the complexity, unpredictability, richness and variety of life, such gratitude for having it all that I want to drown my sanity in this endorphin flood and do nothing but dance night and day with you in the rhythm of waltz or trance or no rhythm at all, I care not.

Tell me, is there a way to convey this feeling in words? Is there a way to smell beautiful music, can you touch a stunning vision, how do you taste a warm sensation, what does happiness sound like? Promise me that you will never cease to ask yourself these questions, for the moment you stop dreaming you are dead to the world(s). Worlds that are out there to be explored and/or invented, worlds beyond any (sigma-finite) measure, worlds uncountable and surpassing the very continuum itself.

P. S. Inexplicably, a certain domain name on my screen catches my eye and it occurs to me that I would love to own it. Live! in the imperative. But then… I kind of own that domain already. I totally own that domain, don’t I?

October 21, MMXII — Personal, Life Lessons.