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Going to Australia

In three weeks, I will be on a plane to Melbourne, Australia. A six-month adventure begins!

I will be spending one semester of full-time study at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne. While my current major at the Charles University in Prague is Financial Mathematics, I decided to study finance from a less technical point of view in Melbourne.

Melbourne Central Business District

This little trip across the globe required some financial and personal sacrifices, but my love of travel prevailed. I’m really excited about living in Australia!

After the school ends in June, I am staying an extra month in Australia to travel and then, on the way back to Europe, I’m stopping by Malaysia and Dubai to satiate my wanderlust even more. So, after my four months in California in 2010 this site may be again turning into a travel blog ;-)

January 25, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia.