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Taipei (101)

Taipei 101

November 11, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog, China.

Until next time, Melbourne


November 8, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog, Australia.

The soundtrack

The mathematician closes his eyes as the sound in his headphones blossoms and weeds out the noise of the 747. Two hundred feet of metal wings are carrying his body. His mind has joined the flight to distant lands, carried by 138 BPM of… of what? Music? Such a limited word!

November 5, MMXIII — Personal.

Thoughts on weighing observations

Suppose you have a set of observations (measurements) and want to assess how well they fall into an ideal target range. Here are a few thoughts on how to go beyond the most obvious measure: percentage of “in-range values”.

October 1, MMXIII — Mathematics.

The city of lights


July 24, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog.

Seven-league boots

July 17, MMXIII — Photoblog.

Hohe Tauern

Misty mountains

July 14, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog.

The Startmate experience

If you’re doing a startup, get into a good accelerator.

For four months in 2013 I was going through a life-transforming experience: participation in Australia’s top startup accelerator, Startmate. It was an emotional roller-coaster full of exciting opportunities, important lessons, incredible motivation and hard work. Here’s a picture worth a thousand words…

July 2, MMXIII — Programming, Projects, Life Lessons.

Zero Probability

“It isn’t. I think it isn’t…”

This is my translation of “Pravděpodobnost nula”, a beautiful meditation in mathematics and philosophy by Petr Klán.

May 21, MMXIII — Philosophy.

View from the crater rim of Mt St Helens

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May 16, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog.