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10 ways to be in the now

It is interesting how easily our minds become trapped in musings over the past or apprehending of the future. But the past is immutable and gone, and the future does not exist at all. It is only the present moment that is truly ours. I myself often have to remember to appreciate the now of my life. So here are a few of my favorite tips how to savor the present moment.

  1. Swimming. A lot. Two kilometers of crawl make you feel like you’re on drugs. Three kilometers and you see angels dancing.
  2. Walking down the street and listening to kickass music at ear-damaging volume. A healthy concoction of two parts Pendulum (Witchcraft & Crush) and one part Armin van Buuren makes you ready to take over the world, now.
  3. Sex. With that kind of intensity that makes it hard to walk afterwards.
  4. Talking to interesting people. A few minutes of chat about the problems, joys, desires and drives of somebody else widen your horizons instantly.
  5. Flirting. The game is always a fun challenge.
  6. Reading a good book with a glass of wine. Or watching a good movie with a glass of wine. Come to think of it, the keyword here is wine
  7. Debating. Defending your views and trying to understand/tear apart opinions of others requires all your attention.
  8. Driving a sportscar. Feeling the brutal power at the tip of your toes is better than an orgasm and motivates you to make those millions ASAP.
  1. Hiking. Spending a solitary day on a mountain trail free of civilization teaches you to value victories big and small.
  2. Trading in the financial markets. Losing and making hundreds of dollars within minutes has a way of bringing you to your senses.

Of course, this whole list should not be necessary. There really is only one way to be in the present moment:

  1. Just pay attention to what you’re doing at the moment, dammit!
March 2, MMXIII — Life Lessons.