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Of Hypocrisy

A high-school teacher once openly derided a pupil for his English pronunciation. “After four years of high school study, I would expect something more worthy of thy education”, saith the teacher. “Many a word have thou utterly transmogrified by thy unbecoming articulation, and thy discourse was not a little difficult to understand and make sense of.” Not content with abasing the pupil thus, he chided him yet more.

Other pupils present to this discourse cast their eyes at the teacher in disbelief. For, beknownst to them, the teacher himself spoke no English at all, his sorry pronunciation and ill grammar being the common subjects of jests among them. And yet, presently he spoke as if his command of the language were as firm as that of an English nobleman.

And the pupils were enlightened; for, plainly revealed before them, there stood the true nature of hypocrisy.

April 21, MMIX — Personal, Philosophy.