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Reintroducing Maths For Normal People

Back in spring I started a series on interesting mathematical topics for the layman. Now I’m back with some fresh stuff. I’m still aiming to explain thrilling areas of pure mathematics to a non-mathematical audience.

My first huge topic is infinity. In spring, you may have read these articles:

  1. My Cardinal Is Bigger Than Yours, on how not to count with your fingers.
  2. Of Macbeth And 100,000 Monkeys, on probability versus monkeys with typewriters.
  3. Infinity Plus Three, on how much infinite the infinity is.

And we continue with…

  1. Aleph-Null Bottles Of Beer On The Wall, a quick summary of our weird results.
  2. All The Numbers In The World, on the infinities of unnatural numbers.
  3. The Bigger Infinity, on the frightfully vast infinity of real numbers.
  4. The Set of Subsets of a Set, on puting sets inside sets and setting subsets of a set to form new sets. Also, monkeys.
  5. Infinity of Infinities, on where is the end of infinities.
September 12, MMXI — Mathematics, Maths For Normal People, Infinity.