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seex: Self-expanding Archive Creator

As a part of school assignment, I wrote a self-expanding archive creator in the form of a UNIX shell script. The script should be POSIX-compatible, it’s very well documented, and features some interesting processing of its own source code.

The script creates executable archives that can later be unpacked simply by being executed. You might have seen this with nVidia graphic drivers or .run installers.

This is the short help of the script:

seex is a self-expanding archive creator. It can pack up a file or directory
into a neat shell script that you can later unpack just by executing it.

Usage: [OPTIONS] <file/directory to be packed>

Available options:
  -o, --output       Path where the resulting archive will be created
                     (the default is the path of the source file/directory
                     with .sh suffix).
  -c, --compressor   Path to compressing program (the default is /bin/gzip).
                     The compressor MUST print compressed data on stdout.
  -p, --options      Custom options that will be passed to the compressor
                     (the default is --stdout).
                     They must be entered as a single string, e.g. -o '-v -9'
  -h, --help         Print this message.

seex was written by Vita Smid <> in MMXI and is distributed
under the MIT license.

Download the script from github. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

October 10, MMXI — shell, Programming, Linux.