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Seneca And Unfinished Relationships

Never lift you hand from the finished work, for you could actually finish it.

There is the same difference between having gained a friend and actually gaining a friend as there is between a farmer harvesting and a farmer sowing. The philosopher Attalus used to say that it was more of a pleasure to make a friend than to have one, “in the same way as an artist derives more pleasure from painting than from having completed a picture”. When his whole attention is absorbed in concentration on the work he is engaged on, a tremendous sense of satisfaction is created in him by his very absorption. There is never quite the same gratification after he has lifted his hand from the finished work.

Seneca, Epistulae Morales ad Lucilium, Letter IX

I cannot but agree, but with an addition I think crucial: the very point of a relationship is to never stop painting. It is the journey taken together that of all things alone has a true meaning.

December 10, MMXI — Philosophy.