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StartEngine Interview

We had our interview with the StartEngine startup accelerator yesterday. After battling the infamous L. A. traffic we found the towering office block on Wilshire Boulevard and were greeted by Howard Marks and Paul Kessler. And the thirty minutes for which we flew thousands of miles started ticking away…


After introducing ourselves (it’s funny how everybody now seems to think I come from Australia and I have to explain my Czech origin), our vision and our product we were beset with questions like “Do you have a mobile version yet?”, “How are you going to get to a million users?”, “What’s the smartphone penetration in Australia?” or “Why do you want to relocate to Los Angeles?”. Nothing we didn’t expect or couldn’t answer, yet Howard’s and Paul’s poker faces didn’t look thoroughly convinced. I even got to talk, bright-eyed, about the high-level architecture of my code, although when it turned out I was talking (for the first time in my life) to an engineer unfamiliar with PostgreSQL (the most advanced open-source database), my enthusiasm was quelled a bit.

After the interview we were shown the accelerator’s offices and told to expect their decision within a week. That was a rather unpleasant surprise as our previous information indicated that we would be told within one day. Well, who could turn down this free practice in coping with huge uncertainty!

Overall we feel the interview could have gone better but not all hope is lost. We keep meeting interesting people thanks to Amir’s connections and starting to feel that Los Angeles is the right place for our startup, with StartEngine’s support or not. Interesting times.

September 19, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.