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After sunrise

The sun has risen only moments ago and Venice Beach is still engulfed in long shadows, but the molten copper sky above the Pacific is promising of a new morning. As you blast your ears away with your own trance mix and hit the concrete path with your marathon skates, you are flooded with that sublime feeling of being back

The coast is as beautiful as you remember it. Morning runners are sweating under the quickly strengthening sun and a surfing school is filing across the sand, carrying their boards like a stream of ants transporting twigs and leaves. Tremendous waves keep hammering the beach just like unbound waves of endorphin and love are crashing against the shores of your reason…

The aggressive Jigsaw changes into the mystical Terra Australis and you smile. Yes, Terra Australis is awaiting your return, too. The world is in your grasp, there is nothing you cannot do, nowhere you cannot go.

Santa Monica is bathed in morning light and Morning Light as you fly past unfathomably fast in euphoria so vast it must surely ever-last…

Tiësto’s Forever Today, the second best trance track ever made, makes you push your limits as always. Your muscles send you flying across the concrete at the highest possible speed, leaving no room for error. And yet the outside world seems to pass you so lazily… then you notice the music feels much slower than usual… it is your perception of time which has slowed down, left behind by your sprint in the world of matter.

And finally the music stops. The final mile of your ride is accompanied only by the quiet whisper of your eight faithful wheels and the loud rumble of the restless ocean. You feel like you are landing safely after an exciting flight, eager to explore the new world you have just reached. And what is stopping you? New morning has just blossomed and the welcome sign is on.

September 22, MMXII — Personal, In-line Skating, Travel, Los Angeles.