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November 8, MMXIII — Travel, Photoblog, Australia.

Back in Australia

After touring around Europe and America my lucky stars finally led me to spend the end of this year back in my beloved Melbourne. It has been almost a month now since I breezed through a short comeback visit to Kuala Lumpur and landed back in Australia. I had a few reasons to return. The strongest one? The chance to participate in a terrific Sydney startup accelerator. Wishes do come true.

December 21, MMXII — Travel, Australia.

I Love Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is a city teeming with contrasts. Its motto is “Truly Asia” and it truly is Asia as I had been imagining it. Affordable luxury, mouthwatering street food, packs of scooters riding on the sidewalks, sumptuous shopping malls, heat, moisture, narrow streets, skyscrapers and a thousand other things make KL an extraordinary stopover on the way to/from Australasia…

August 20, MMXII — Travel, Australia.


Harbour Bridge at night

August 20, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Hi Roo


July 29, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Misty morning on the Great Ocean Road

July 29, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

My Octopustache

July 29, MMXII — Humor, Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Letter to a dear friend

“The greatest benefit of my Australian stay is very immaterial: it’s the knowledge of my own freedom and power. That feeling when you realize that your life is in your own hands and almost everything you can think of is attainable. Have you ever experienced this? I guess I had to be torn away from my routine life (not just by traveling to another continent, but by other blows as well, as you know) to reach this enlightenment. I have discovered the power of breaking one’s own limits. When you suddenly find yourself ‘on the other side of the line’ and do something that was impossible for you, you realize the limit existed only in your head. I have always liked to swim and in Melbourne I paid for unlimited access to the University pool. The first two months I could swim three kilometers per week, tops. But then I found out that I can give it more… and now I do fifteen kilometers weekly. I know but few sensations that are better than destroying a long-time I can’t…”

June 28, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia, Life Lessons.

I Wish It Was Summer Again

May 7, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.



April 4, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.