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Melbourne skyline and freeway at night

March 22, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

My First Month in Australia

The calendar says I arrived in Melbourne one month ago, but I feel like the life I left back in Europe is years away. My world has not been the same ever since I saw unfamiliar constellations in the starry sky.

March 16, MMXII — Travel, Australia.

Typing The Deepest of Thoughts in Twilight

March 10, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Excitement in the Air: Enrollment and Orientation at the University of Melbourne

This week was the Orientation Week at Melbourne. Thousands of new students are enrolling in subjects, finding their way around the campus, discovering all the challenges and opportunities and of course getting to know each other. This place is amazing!

February 25, MMXII — Travel, Australia.

Auguste Renoir Painting Live on Melbourne Campus

Courtyard exploding with greenery and light spots

February 21, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Look Who I Met On My Way to School

Garishly colorful parrot sitting on a tree branch

February 20, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Rush Hour In a Cloudy Melbourne Morning

Traffic jam on the way to Melbourne

February 17, MMXII — Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

Going to Australia

In three weeks, I will be on a plane to Melbourne, Australia. A six-month adventure begins!

January 25, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia.