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My Octopustache

July 29, MMXII — Humor, Travel, Australia, Photoblog.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use LaTeX to Write Erotic Stories

Sure, LaTeX is a great program for typesetting science articles and mathematics. But that’s not all it can do. Did you know that it is also the best choice for writing steamy erotica?

April 1, MMXII — Humor.

Mother’s Day 2e3 + 11

Did you remember to give your mother a flower?

May 9, MMXI — Humor, Mathematics.

Bertrand Russell’s Subtle Humor

The works of the philosopher, logician, and mathematician Bertrand Russell are always a pleasant reading. Be it because of the appeal of the topic, eloquent style, profound treatment… or his occasional kind jest.

January 13, MMXI — Humor, Mathematics, Philosophy.

Happy Mother’s Day 2e3 + 10

Dear mother! Let your parametric curves be continuous and differentiable ∀ϑ ∊ <0, 2π>. Happy Mother’s Day 2010!

May 9, MMX — Humor, Mathematics.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Wallpaper

This week, I brought an old idea of mine to life. A tribute to all web designers that sacrificed large parts of their lives to battle the Evil Blue E. Working around the countless CSS and DOM bugs and inconsistencies of Internet Explorer makes web design a living hell. Thank you, Microsoft.

July 23, MMIX — Humor.