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3 quick tips for reducing distractions

Ironically, you could spend hours reading all about focused work and blocking distractions. It’s a very trendy blog topic these days. This article is not like that. The following tips are extremely simple and will take you 1 minute to read and 3 minutes to implement.

September 6, MMXIV — Life lessons.

How to be a great freelancer

There is one thing I get praised for by every client I work for. The lack of the same thing frustrates me most when other freelancers work for me. One simple thing.

April 27, MMXIV — Life lessons, Programming.

Seeking balance

I recently read an interesting article titled How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love. It tells the story of a PhD researcher who, tired of being ignored on a dating site, applied contemporary machine learning algorithms to find his optimal target groups of women and the optimal profiles to attract them. I was amused and horrified at the same time.

January 29, MMXIV — Life lessons, Mathematics.

The Startmate experience

If you’re doing a startup, get into a good accelerator.

For four months in 2013 I was going through a life-transforming experience: participation in Australia’s top startup accelerator, Startmate. It was an emotional roller-coaster full of exciting opportunities, important lessons, incredible motivation and hard work. Here’s a picture worth a thousand words…

July 2, MMXIII — Programming, Projects, Life Lessons.

10 ways to be in the now

It is interesting how easily our minds become trapped in musings over the past or apprehending of the future. But the past is immutable and gone, and the future does not exist at all. It is only the present moment that is truly ours. I myself often have to remember to appreciate the now of my life. So here are a few of my favorite tips how to savor the present moment.

March 2, MMXIII — Life Lessons.

Capturing tomorrow’s yesterday

I have done a fair bit of traveling in the past year, went to a couple of concerts, visited many museums and saw a few fireworks. And I kept noticing the same thing everywhere. We have become addicted to cameras. Whenever something interesting is happening, our first instinct is to start taking photos and record video to preserve that special moment. Ironically, this is how we lose the moment forever. Photos steal the soul of our memories.

February 17, MMXIII — Life Lessons.

You can do anything

“The world is full of opportunities. You can do anything you want with your life. Your wildest dreams are possible. Just believe in them.” Ever heard this before? I bet you did. But do you actually believe it?

February 14, MMXIII — Personal, Life Lessons.

Freedom, uncertainty and dreams

Dear You,
I spent the evening preparing my presentation for young high school students. It is a distillation of lessons I have learned and exciting things I have done in the past six years. The title is “Freedom, uncertainty and dreams.”

October 21, MMXII — Personal, Life Lessons.

Letter to a dear friend

“The greatest benefit of my Australian stay is very immaterial: it’s the knowledge of my own freedom and power. That feeling when you realize that your life is in your own hands and almost everything you can think of is attainable. Have you ever experienced this? I guess I had to be torn away from my routine life (not just by traveling to another continent, but by other blows as well, as you know) to reach this enlightenment. I have discovered the power of breaking one’s own limits. When you suddenly find yourself ‘on the other side of the line’ and do something that was impossible for you, you realize the limit existed only in your head. I have always liked to swim and in Melbourne I paid for unlimited access to the University pool. The first two months I could swim three kilometers per week, tops. But then I found out that I can give it more… and now I do fifteen kilometers weekly. I know but few sensations that are better than destroying a long-time I can’t…”

June 28, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia, Life Lessons.

5 Things I Learned Translating “How to Make Your Dreams Come True”

What’s the best way to understand and know a book? Apart from writing it yourself, the second best option is translating it to another language. If you do it mindfully, you will learn a lot along the way.

February 18, MMXII — Books, Projects, Personal, Life Lessons.