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Life Lessons

Why You Should Like Crises

Sometimes the world comes crashing down. We’ve all known the triggers of major crises. Physical illness, relationship difficulties, stress, or depression. These things occasionally pay a visit. Sometimes all of them at once. But they have a reason for coming. They’re not setbacks. They’re not here to hurt. They are great opportunities to pause your life and think for a while how you got here and where are you going. A crisis is a lesson.

January 7, MMXII — Life Lessons.

The Future

For something that does not even exist, the future seems to be a rather obsessive theme for humans. How to face it?

November 12, MMXI — Life Lessons.

The Greatest Treasure

For a while I turned up the volume, closed my eyes, and let the music flood my mind. As always, the sound brought with it a stream, a river, a voracious torrent of memories. Memories half-forgotten and vividly remembered, memories of happiness and of pain, memories of love and loss. Memories, rivers of life. Yet rivers never twice entered.

November 6, MMXI — Personal, Life Lessons.

I Like Stock Market Panic And Crashes

What have three years of trading securities and studying financial markets given me? I’ve learned to look beyond panicking mobs and welcome dramatic falls.

September 8, MMXI — Finance, Life Lessons.

5 Software Development Lessons… Learned The Hard Way

I have had to maintain some rather big pieces of software I wrote a few years ago. Apart from being a special kind of hell (“WTF?! How could I have written atrocities like these?”) this experience reminded me what I’ve learned during those eight years I’ve spent writing software for money.

September 1, MMXI — Programming, Life Lessons.


Notes to self. Quoted from Τὰ εἰς ἑαυτόν, a philosophical book by Marcus Aurelius (121 – 180 CE), a Roman emperor.

July 15, MMIX — Philosophy, Life Lessons.