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How to deal with a compiler crash when building pandas

When installing the Python package pandas on a small server you might encounter a cryptic gcc error in the middle of the compilation: internal compiler error: Killed (program cc1). Most likely this is a memory problem and can be fixed easily.

October 1, MMXIV — Python, Linux.

seex: Self-expanding Archive Creator

As a part of school assignment, I wrote a self-expanding archive creator in the form of a UNIX shell script. The script should be POSIX-compatible, it’s very well documented, and features some interesting processing of its own source code.

October 10, MMXI — shell, Programming, Linux.

Visualizing Linux Traffic Control Setup

In the past six months I had to deal with Linux traffic control (TC) a lot. I was literally blown away by the advanced features of the system. Of course, the versatility comes for the usual price: complexity. I definitely do not regret the time spent on understanding the principles of classes, qdiscs, filters, major and minor numbers, etc. However, I think I have found a way to work with them more easily.

April 5, MMIX — Programming, Linux, Projects, Python.

Handy Bandwidth Monitor & a Small Patch For It

bwm-ng is my favorite bandwidth monitor. It can display transfer rates on network interfaces, it doesn’t require superuser privileges, and it can produce output in various formats. So far I have been using its interactive output for live monitoring and CSV output for parsing in scripts. The other week I found a use for its HTML output as well. Unfortunately, the produced code turned out to be rather invalid.

March 28, MMIX — Linux.

Kiosk Mode in Linux

This week I needed to set up a limited Linux account which could be used for web browsing only. No window management, no desktop, no menus, no other applications, just Firefox in full-screen mode. There are quite a few kiosk HOWTOs on the web, but they mostly cover setting up a kiosk-only computer. Limiting the restrictions to a single user account was a little bit different.

March 1, MMIX — Linux.

Disabling iptables Console Logging

This has been driving me nuts ever since I started to work with iptables: every single log message gets printed directly to the console. Even when I am using it at that moment to write or read something. Few things are more annoying than this.

January 17, MMIX — Linux.

Setting Data on Fire

It’s not a secret that files are not really deleted when you tell the operating system to remove them. References to the files are removed but the data stays and can be sometimes retrieved. This can save your life when you delete something you shouldn’t have. Sometimes, however, you need to deal with data that must not see the light of the day ever again.

July 16, MMVIII — shell, Linux.