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Tingles of vertigo

My second hike in the Sequoia National Park was an easy stroll compared to the strain of Alta Peak the day before. Scenery and sights, however, were no less impressive. The six-mile trail led me from Wolverton to the massive rock of Watchtower and then to the cold waters of Heather Lake. I’ll let the pictures speak for me, even though they can capture only a fraction of the overall breath-taking experience…

November 7, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.

How I hiked to Alta Peak, 3,415m, and didn’t die

After the StartEngine interview didn’t yield any results, I decided to use my time in California for traveling and hiking. This US trip was simply a situation where you cannot lose :-). Funnily enough, my first hike in the Sequoia National Park put this attitude of invincibility to a major test…

October 27, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.

Rendez-vous avec Selene

Moon shining above Sierra Nevada

October 5, MMXII — Travel, Photoblog, Los Angeles.

The beauty of Japanese calligraphy

When I went to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art two years ago, I completely missed its perhaps most beautiful part: the pavilion for Japanese art. But this year, as it appears, is good for calligraphy. After seeing the seemingly unrivaled works of Arabic calligraphers in Kuala Lumpur, I bated my breath again, this time for the masters from Japanese islands…

October 3, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.

After sunrise

The sun has risen only moments ago and Venice Beach is still engulfed in long shadows, but the molten copper sky above the Pacific is promising of a new morning. As you blast your ears away with your own trance mix and hit the concrete path with your marathon skates, you are flooded with that sublime feeling of being back

September 22, MMXII — Personal, In-line Skating, Travel, Los Angeles.

StartEngine Interview

We had our interview with the StartEngine startup accelerator yesterday. After battling the infamous L. A. traffic we found the towering office block on Wilshire Boulevard and were greeted by Howard Marks and Paul Kessler. And the thirty minutes for which we flew thousands of miles started ticking away…

September 19, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.

Return to Los Angeles

I’m gripped by the familiar pre-departure excitement as I’m waiting for my morning flight with American Airlines. PRG – LHR – JFK – LAX. A very open-ended trip that I had to arrange on a five days’ notice…

September 14, MMXII — Travel, Los Angeles.

Until next time, America! (Czech)

Návrat do Los Angeles, loučení, poslední nákupy a hurá domů do ČR. Nebo spíše hurá domů do ČR…

January 10, MMXI — Los Angeles, Travel.

Grand Canyon (Czech)

Čtvrtek 14. října. Ve dne procházka kolem jižní hrany nádherného kaňonu, v noci daleká cesta směrem Los Angeles.

December 21, MMX — Los Angeles, Travel.

Hoover Dam a cesta ke Grand Canyonu (Czech)

Středa 13. října. Rozloučení s Las Vegas. Zastávka u monumentální přehrady Hoover Dam. Cesta do hlubin Arizony.

December 17, MMX — Los Angeles, Travel.