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Seeking balance

I recently read an interesting article titled How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love. It tells the story of a PhD researcher who, tired of being ignored on a dating site, applied contemporary machine learning algorithms to find his optimal target groups of women and the optimal profiles to attract them. I was amused and horrified at the same time.

January 29, MMXIV — Life lessons, Mathematics.

Thoughts on weighing observations

Suppose you have a set of observations (measurements) and want to assess how well they fall into an ideal target range. Here are a few thoughts on how to go beyond the most obvious measure: percentage of “in-range values”.

October 1, MMXIII — Mathematics.

The Mathematics Of Happy New Year

My 2012 New Year Wish has some beautiful mathematics: beautifully simple, beautifully abstract, and beautifully mysterious. Want to peek under her skirts?

January 4, MMXII — Mathematics.

Happy New Year

May you see farther and deeper than ever. Happy 2012!

December 31, MMXI — Personal, Mathematics.

Infinity of Infinities

Our long journey through the infinite lands is coming to an end. What end is there to infinity, you ask? I’d have to put on a theologian’s hat to answer that. But as a mathematician, I can answer a question much more daring: what end is there to infinities?

The Set of Subsets of a Set

Can there be any fact more shocking than that there are two infinities, one bigger than the other? Well, take a guess… But to crack the mystery underlying the existence of two different infinities, we first need to learn a little more from set theory… Monkeys, sheep, and leopards return!

The Bigger Infinity

Let’s challenge our notion of infinity by stating a downright crazy idea… and then proving it beyond any doubt.

September 29, MMXI — Mathematics, Maths For Normal People, Infinity.

All The Numbers In The World

We know that the natural numbers 1,2,3,… go off to infinity. But what happens when we consider negative numbers -1,-2,-3,… as well? How many numbers do we get? And what about fractions? Do we have multiple infinities?

September 22, MMXI — Mathematics, Maths For Normal People, Infinity.

Aleph-Null Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Let’s quickly recap the most important (and weird) properties of the “natural numbers infinity” we call <$\aleph_0$>.

September 15, MMXI — Mathematics, Maths For Normal People, Infinity.

Reintroducing Maths For Normal People

Back in spring I started a series on interesting mathematical topics for the layman. Now I’m back with some fresh stuff. I’m still aiming to explain thrilling areas of pure mathematics to a non-mathematical audience.

September 12, MMXI — Mathematics, Maths For Normal People, Infinity.