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The soundtrack

The mathematician closes his eyes as the sound in his headphones blossoms and weeds out the noise of the 747. Two hundred feet of metal wings are carrying his body. His mind has joined the flight to distant lands, carried by 138 BPM of… of what? Music? Such a limited word!

November 5, MMXIII — Personal.

You can do anything

“The world is full of opportunities. You can do anything you want with your life. Your wildest dreams are possible. Just believe in them.” Ever heard this before? I bet you did. But do you actually believe it?

February 14, MMXIII — Personal, Life Lessons.

Freedom, uncertainty and dreams

Dear You,
I spent the evening preparing my presentation for young high school students. It is a distillation of lessons I have learned and exciting things I have done in the past six years. The title is “Freedom, uncertainty and dreams.”

October 21, MMXII — Personal, Life Lessons.

After sunrise

The sun has risen only moments ago and Venice Beach is still engulfed in long shadows, but the molten copper sky above the Pacific is promising of a new morning. As you blast your ears away with your own trance mix and hit the concrete path with your marathon skates, you are flooded with that sublime feeling of being back

September 22, MMXII — Personal, In-line Skating, Travel, Los Angeles.

Letter to a dear friend

“The greatest benefit of my Australian stay is very immaterial: it’s the knowledge of my own freedom and power. That feeling when you realize that your life is in your own hands and almost everything you can think of is attainable. Have you ever experienced this? I guess I had to be torn away from my routine life (not just by traveling to another continent, but by other blows as well, as you know) to reach this enlightenment. I have discovered the power of breaking one’s own limits. When you suddenly find yourself ‘on the other side of the line’ and do something that was impossible for you, you realize the limit existed only in your head. I have always liked to swim and in Melbourne I paid for unlimited access to the University pool. The first two months I could swim three kilometers per week, tops. But then I found out that I can give it more… and now I do fifteen kilometers weekly. I know but few sensations that are better than destroying a long-time I can’t…”

June 28, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia, Life Lessons.

In Search of Honesty

Not many are true to their own selves…

April 2, MMXII — Personal.

5 Things I Learned Translating “How to Make Your Dreams Come True”

What’s the best way to understand and know a book? Apart from writing it yourself, the second best option is translating it to another language. If you do it mindfully, you will learn a lot along the way.

February 18, MMXII — Books, Projects, Personal, Life Lessons.

Are You Making Your Dreams Come True? And Do You Even Know Them?

Many people don’t know what they want from life. And for those who do know, the journey isn’t always simple. If you have ever tried to plan your life, cross out items on To Do lists, force yourself to do “useful” but boring stuff and make decisions against your feelings, you are going to agree that this course of life is neither effective nor pleasant. But I came across a book that takes a radically different approach.

February 10, MMXII — Books, Projects, Personal.

Going to Australia

In three weeks, I will be on a plane to Melbourne, Australia. A six-month adventure begins!

January 25, MMXII — Personal, Travel, Australia.

Happy New Year

May you see farther and deeper than ever. Happy 2012!

December 31, MMXI — Personal, Mathematics.