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How to be a great freelancer

There is one thing I get praised for by every client I work for. The lack of the same thing frustrates me most when other freelancers work for me. One simple thing.

April 27, MMXIV — Life lessons, Programming.

How to use Google App Engine with virtualenv

Google App Engine is a pretty interesting PaaS offering. However, its Python environment leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest pain point is its seeming incompatibility with virtualenv – a tool that is almost indispensable in Python development. Luckily, there is a workaround.

February 10, MMXIV — Python, Programming.

The Startmate experience

If you’re doing a startup, get into a good accelerator.

For four months in 2013 I was going through a life-transforming experience: participation in Australia’s top startup accelerator, Startmate. It was an emotional roller-coaster full of exciting opportunities, important lessons, incredible motivation and hard work. Here’s a picture worth a thousand words…

July 2, MMXIII — Programming, Projects, Life Lessons.

How To Focus On Writing

If you’re like most people, you’ll get easily distracted when writing a longer piece of text. So many distractions are just a click away – e-mail, Twitter, news headlines, stock market charts, or even a nice desktop wallpaper. What if you could just get rid of all visual clutter and focus on nothing else but the text itself? Enter γαλήνη, my new distraction-free text editor.

February 27, MMXII — Programming, Projects, Python.

seex: Self-expanding Archive Creator

As a part of school assignment, I wrote a self-expanding archive creator in the form of a UNIX shell script. The script should be POSIX-compatible, it’s very well documented, and features some interesting processing of its own source code.

October 10, MMXI — shell, Programming, Linux.

5 Software Development Lessons… Learned The Hard Way

I have had to maintain some rather big pieces of software I wrote a few years ago. Apart from being a special kind of hell (“WTF?! How could I have written atrocities like these?”) this experience reminded me what I’ve learned during those eight years I’ve spent writing software for money.

September 1, MMXI — Programming, Life Lessons.

O práci podruhé (Czech)

Nabyl-li snad někdo po mých posledních zápiscích dojmu, že jsem tady na dovolené, hodlám jej vyvést z omylu. Aneb reflexe nejzajímavějších pracovních zkušeností za uplynulých 11 týdnů strávených před monitory. Varování: obsahuje stopové množství IT hantýrky a kritiky (sado-)masově užívaného software.

September 18, MMX — Programming, Los Angeles.

Visualizing Linux Traffic Control Setup

In the past six months I had to deal with Linux traffic control (TC) a lot. I was literally blown away by the advanced features of the system. Of course, the versatility comes for the usual price: complexity. I definitely do not regret the time spent on understanding the principles of classes, qdiscs, filters, major and minor numbers, etc. However, I think I have found a way to work with them more easily.

April 5, MMIX — Programming, Linux, Projects, Python.